Business Challenge and Objective

Fleet managers are responsible for the performance, efficiency, and success of every vehicle in their fleet. Even though they’d like to do more to help the environment, most of them avoid renewable diesel. Why? Because renewable diesel is known for being costly to convert to, difficult for drivers to find and, worst of all, inferior in performance compared to non-renewable fuels. The challenge was to introduce Neste Renewable Diesel to California fleet managers by highlighting a renewable fuel that finally enables them to have a positive impact on the environment without negatively impacting the bottom line.

Insights and Strategy

Neste’s discovered most fleet managers in California want to do what’s right for the environment, but can’t commit because operational performance takes priority. The strategy was to position Neste as a groundbreaking, high-performance, renewable diesel — and create a platform that helps fleet managers visualize the positive impact they can make on the environment, without the sacrifice in their fleet’s performance.

By creating images of clear fleet vehicles and animations of vehicles transforming from solid to clear, Neste was able to communicate to fleet managers how the company’s “Renewable Diesel” takes their fleet’s environmental negative influences off the road while leaving performance intact.  Plus, the “Clear the Air” language allowed Neste to set the record straight about all the misinformation about biodiesel and its reputation for being low performance.


Neste brought this idea to life through print, traditional digital, rich media, and videos, all encouraging fleet managers to “join the movement.” The company also sent an innovative, video-embedded direct mail to fleet managers. Once opened, they could watch the Neste manifesto video, as well as a “How Neste Works” video. To reinforce the environmentally-friendly concept, the company included a small card with easy instructions on how to recycle this unique direct mail piece. All of these tactics drove fleet managers to a microsite, Once there, they could learn how easy it is to switch to renewable diesel, while also encouraging them to join the movement and make a difference.

Before the launch of this campaign, Neste was a wholesaler; its renewable diesel was white labeled under other brand names. Neste’s business goal was to be the preferred renewable fuel provider in California, as well as sell and engage their customers directly — generating both product and brand demand.


In the first four months of the campaign, more than 24 million impressions were served, and more than 300,000 users clicked through to the Neste landing page, earning a click-through rate of over 12 times the industry standard. Neste had record-high financial results in 2017. Overall, its revenue grew 13.1 percent to $13.2 billion Euros.

Today, the threat of climate change, and the seemingly indifference to it by many politicians, has made companies like Neste more important than ever. Unlike renewable fuels of the past, Neste Renewable Diesel delivers superior performance too. Finally, the company gave fleet managers along the California coast a true alternative to the dirty fuels that has both polluted the sky and wreaked havoc on their conscious.  The success of “Clear the Air” was essential in not only selling a product, but empowering an entire industry to make a difference that they thought was not possible.




“Clear the Air.” 2018 B2 Award Gold Winner, Print Advertising (Division: Spread or Larger, Single or Campaign, Series). Brand: Neste Renewable Diesel. Lead Agency: gyro.