Business Challenges and Campaign Objectives

Bosch Professional is one of the world’s leading providers of power tools, power tool accessories and measuring tools. Competition in this market had been fierce in recent years and Bosch Professional had been challenged by competitors and new entrants to the market. The brand was particularly troubled by a decline in its sales to younger tradespeople.
In 2017, Bosch Professional set two primary objectives

  1. Raise overall brand awareness and engagement.
  2. Launch Bosch Professional’s Bluetooth-connected tools in the U.K. market.

Bosch was particularly keen to target the younger demographic of tradespeople in the UK and had set some specific year on year quantitative targets around their primary social platform, Facebook. These goals were to increase:

  • Bosch Facebook page likes by 40 percent
  • Total reach by 25 percent
  • Monthly engagements by 20 percent
  • Clicks on posts by 20 percent
  • Video views by 20 percent

Insights and Strategy

Research indicated that consumers perceived Bosch as a cold brand, igniting its determination to inspire more love among customers. It conducted focus groups to learn the key characteristics that consumers associated with a loved power tool brand, which turned out to be:

  • Peer-endorsed
  • Humorous
  • Fun

The brand concluded that Facebook would throw the best light on these features of Bosch Professional. The social media giant also offered the best platform on which to introduce its products’ Bluetooth-connectivity to younger people, the demographic that research suggested would have the largest appetite for the technology.



Bosch Professional engaged Facebook users with:

  • Sharable personality quizzes
  • Series of funny videos capturing the “on-site banter” of power tool users
  • Seasonal posts (e.g., “Bosch releases a ‘left handed drill,’” for April Fools’ Day)
  • Humorous posts about “Jobs Gone Wrong”
  • More, serious, detailed posts with explanations of the features and benefits of the technology, PR coverage, and product reviews, including peer-to-peer recommendations
  • Collaborations with the popular tradesperson channel “On the Tools”

In addition, the brand conducted an offer-based email campaign.



The campaign increased:

  • Bosch Facebook page likes by 126 percent
  • The brand’s total reach by 231 percent
  • Monthly engagement by 460 percent
  • Clicks on posts by 129 percent
  • Video views by 336 percent




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