Volunteer today to be a part of Atlanta’s powerful B2B community.
Volunteers are the backbone of our chapter and we could not drive our mission without them. Volunteering with ANA Business Marketing provides amazing opportunities for you to connect and grow your influence with the leaders in Atlanta’s B2B marketing community.


There are many ways to be involved and help us maintain and grow our position as one of the nation’s leading ANA Business Marketing chapters.

  • Elevate the impact of our events
  • Amplify the value of the content and resources we possess for greater digital engagement
  • Expand our reach in social media and thought leadership circles
  • Build more cross-organizational value between ANA’s membership, ANA Business Marketing and now ANA DMA (The Data & Marketing Association)
  • Build our membership
  • Onboard the future generation of B2B leaders


What’s in it for Professionals on the Rise?

ANA Business Marketing provides strategic and leadership-level content for practitioners in the B2B space. Our organization connects professionals who have moved beyond the basics of marketing and networking. Volunteering with us gives you an opportunity to build your professional profile and your expertise as a B2B marketer.

What’s in it for Professionals Whose Headquarters are in Other Cities?

The world is increasingly mobile, distributed and unfortunately sometimes remote. Members of ANA BMA aim to be a part of a community and grow their value. Come be a big fish in our pond and raise your profile and your value to your organization.

What’s in it for Young Professionals and Students?

For decades, our organization has offered motivated people early in their career a way to gain leadership experience, build their networks and gain priceless mentoring and professional development. Don’t just join a group, or participate, learn to grow and lead with ANA Business Marketing.


We’ll help you gain access to a multitude of cutting-edge marketing insights designed to help you make better business decisions, faster.



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