Call for Volunteers – 2021 Plans & Committee Needs

June 14, 2021 By

Dear Members,

After a year of uncertainty, we’re excited to be re-launching the Atlanta BMA chapter (now officially known as ANA Business Marketing Atlanta).

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There’s a new reality for in-person and online meetings, and to meet the changing times we plan to take our programs in a new direction.

  • We will have both online and in-person meetings and some hybrids ones to meet all needs.
  • Our plan is to constantly be at the forefront with relevant topics and strategies during these challenging times and to constantly refresh with new information.
  • One key focus is increasing customer engagement and how to do that effectively and efficiently in the new reality.  Currently, it is decreasing in certain areas due to webinar and email fatigue, fewer in-person meetings, etc.

Sample Program Topics:

Events / Webinars

  • How to develop hybrid events, in-person and online
  • How can they be made exciting, relevant, and easy to execute
  • How to get customers to register, join, and actually pay attention during the events

Emails – open rates are decreasing

How to get your customers to read your emails

  • Content development
  • New customer interaction methods
  • What do customers want?
  • How to use that to your advantage

But to be successful, we need some new skillsets on our board & planning committees. 

We’re looking for people who are interested in participating in the board in the following areas:

  • Programming
  • Communications
  • Continuing Education
  • Membership
  • Sponsorship
  • Social Media / Website

Would you be interested? Please let us know here.


  • To learn more about the benefits of membership, check out our Membership Brochure.
  • To learn about sponsorship opportunities, please complete the survey and indicate your interest in corporate sponsorship in the comments.