Event Recap: B2B Marketers – Take the Lead in Sales & Marketing Alignment

October 18, 2019 By
By Oct 18, 2019Event Recaps

John Troutman gave a fantastic, research and case-study based presentation on Sales & Marketing Alignment.

Some key takeaways:


Ensure any Sales-Marketing Alignment Strategy & Tactics are in-sync with:
1) Your Company’s mission statement and corporate strategy.
2) Your Customers’ Journey.

Tactical and day-to-day:

1) Make upcoming project a S-MA project: Trade show, Product Launch, CRM & MA.
2) Build Trust: Draft content so CEO or CC/RO communicate this new project.
3) Set deadline for defined S-MA plan & execution: Tied to company / sales objectives & initiatives.
4) Add & track ROI to project: SQLs & MQLs; Use CRM & MA.
5) Internal: Show employees this project’s Customer Focused elements: Lunch & Learn.
6) External: Show customers your Strategy & Product Roadmap (Customer Advisory Group, or Customer Conference / Users Group).
7) Develop a “quick-win” success story (EX: ways to recognize revenue quicker). Recognize & communicate.

Our takeaway: Don’t make Sales & Marketing Alignment be like the weather at your company. Talk about it AND do something about it!

Download John’s presentation here:

B2B Marketers – Take the Lead in Sales & Marketing Alignment by John Troutman