Marketing and Artificial Intelligence in 2018

March 16, 2018 By
By Mar 16, 2018Blog, Digital
BMA Atlanta’s Luncheon on Tuesday, March 20 will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in B2B Marketing featuring speakers from Quantcast, DXI, and Brightmill. This teaser article is authored by moderator Taz Lake, Founder & CEO of Brightmill and BMA Atlanta Board Member.  Register to join the discussion and find out how your job will be affected by machines in the near future!

A machine will replace you soon. At least that is probably one of your fears. It is possible a machine wrote this article for me – how would you know the difference? The more you read about the power and reality of artificial intelligence – and see the outputs – the chances are your fears are just reinforced. To stoke the flame for a this moment in time, behold a few notable examples from recent experiments:

As with all technological advancements, the career landscape will certainly change. I believe the advantages will far outweigh the negatives, especially in the marketing technology space. Marketers have a lot of mundane tasks to occupy time that would be better used strategizing the next campaign or ongoing alignment with sales.

On Tuesday March 20th I will be leading a lunch panel on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. We have some great panelists and will be discussing practical applications of the technology in areas such as programmatic advertising, targeted campaigns, demand forecasting, discounts, personalization and more. Please click the image below to join us.

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