Stages of this playbook include:

1. Identify Objectives

  • Social Media Marketing Training Course
  • Using Google+ for Business Guide
  • Using Instagram for Business Guide
  • Using Twitter for Business Guide
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Guide
  • Successful Newsjacking Guide
  • The Importance of Social CRM Guide
  • Social CRM Best Practices Guide

2. Establish Governance

  • Social Media Marketing Plan Maturity Model
  • Top Social Media Sites Database
  • Social Media Marketing Maturity Assessment
  • Social Media Opportunity Assessment Template

3. Analyze Stakeholders

  • Social Media Marketing Solution Study
  • Social Media Monitoring Guide
  • Social Media Usage Survey
  • Social Media Vendors Matrix

4. Select Technology

  • Social Media Strategy Workbook
  • Social Media Project Charter
  • Social Media Business Case
  • Social Media Marketing Budget Template
  • Social Marketing Governance Document Template
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar 2018
  • Social Media Channel Map
  • Social Media Channel Selection Tool
  • Social Media Risk Assessment

5. Complete Your Plan

  • Creating a Social Media Policy
  • Social Media Policy and Guidelines Template
  • Twitter for Business Checklist
  • LinkedIn Group Checklist
  • Facebook Page Checklist
  • Instagram Checklist
  • Linkedin Company Page Checklist
  • Google+ Implementation Checklist
  • Pinterest Implementation Checklist

6. Launch Your Program

  • Social Media Analytics Benchmark Report
  • Social Media Competitor Tracking Template
  • Social Media Metrics Dashboard
  • Post Project Evaluation

Additional Tools

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